To the Divorce Busting Community

Today is a sad day for the boards. This morning I received a call from Jack 3 Beans mother informing me that he had passed away at 3am today. This world lost, imo a light. It is a little darker today.

I have several requests to …..all poster…both newbies, vets, and former posters.

I have started this thread in order to print a copy of it and give it to J3B mother and father. They knew how much the boards meant to J3B – I would like to show them how much he meant to us.

I would ask that the moderators allow this thread to exceed the 10 page limit if need be.

I would ask that the vets reach out to former poster as best that they can and ask that they post what/how J3B impacted their lives.

I’ll start

J3B was more than a “vet” he was my friend. A very dear friend. I go as far as to say…that him and few other posters are like my brothers and sisters. Jack was the big brother.

He gave so much. My last memory of Jack was out trip down to the Outterbanks a few weeks ago. We had a blast. Mach arranged for a surprise birthday party – his mom and dad showed up an surprised him. Jack lived in Alaska for those who did not know. So seeing his parents was a really excellent surprise. I had picked up a birthday card for Jack and wrote from my heart. I will paraphrase …..

Jack – Love you man. I wanted to thank you for being the type of friend that you are and for being there for me when no one else really was. I also want to say F you. Why? Cause I know you hate praise, thanks and this is gonna be a mushy card. So F you 

Jack you are amazing dude and I wish more people knew you. You give so much of yourself yet you ask for nothing in return. I know you hate thanks…and all the mushy chit but here goes anyway…..

Thank you – when I did not believe in myself – YOU DID.

When I wanted to put a bullet in my head – YOUR response kept me going.

When I wanted to quit…on me, on my family, on my kids. I did…but you didn’t. When I struggled with my son who had been alienated against me….I wanted to quit – you didn’t let me. When the world felt against me….you posted to me. When my W at the time would do [censored] that made me want to quit on myself…you helped pick me up. And you did it over and over and over again. Remember when I almost destroyed my office at work after reading one of your post? LOL. You knew I needed it and you were right. I am a better man, better father, better partner and overall better human being because of you. Yeah…yeah…don’t give me the “I hate praise speech”…. Thank you Jack. I love you man.

I wrote a little bit more but that up there ^^^ was the jist of it. As tough as Jack was....the card made him teary eye - same for me.

Jack was a h@ll of guy. He was my true friend. I mean it when I say….that I am the dad that I am today…in part because of Jack.

His real name…… was Jeff. He was about 6’2…maybe about 205 lbs. Brown hair. He was a former Coast Guard. He is survived by his Wife, 2 boys and his mother and father. He was sarcastic. He had a dry sense of humor. He loved laguvalin scotch. He loved video games. A few years ago, he was diagnosed with a rare disease that impacted his ability to walk. If you knew Jeff….the wheel chair did not stop him. He loved his kids more than life itself. He loved his family. He loved his friends.

RIP Jack 3 Beans

The boards will never be the same.

For those of you who would like additional info…you know how to reach me as does Cadet.