I'm in a similar boat, Hopful...I'm not for sure about PA with OM, but I am sure of an EA that lasted for about 3 months (April-July)...I think it's over, but who knows. My W says she wants out of our M and has already spoken to an attorney and filled out paperwork. She told me so that I'd be prepared when the papers arrived. I'm pretty broken about it.

I guess we can only hold out for as long as we can stand. The spouse wanting out is going to do what they want to do. I'm just trying to get myself to a good place in my own head. If she wants me at some point then it will be my decision.

Me 49 W46
T25 M22
S22 D18 S13
W had EA Apr-Jul 2016
Dropped Bomb 7/9/16
Dropping the rope to SURVIVE & THRIVE!!!