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Brain DUMPING - writing/journalling. doodling.

I recently read a book around this, apparently 20 minutes journaling a day (or dictating on a recorder or anything that works for you) helps build resilience, fight depression, better problem solving and seeing our situation more clearly. Amazing isn't it? Maybe that's a hidden benefit of being part of a forum like this, a happy side effect in a way?

Hi Esame,
was looking for your original thread but found your replies instead (?). Guess I have been away too long - forgotten how to navigate??!! eek Will try again - Re: your post. Thanks for including! It is no wonder that this type of activity is often recommended. I agree with you - I do believe the forum plays a similar role smile

The book you read informs of the ability to get the stuff OUT from within, doesn't it? Journalling, dictating (venting at DB) offers that opportunity, it's no wonder it's effective & impactful.

Interestingly, I mentioned the weekly date with self but not the morning pages (mp). The date impacted on me b/c life & its challenges represent output. It takes 'out' (more than it puts in - or so it seems! ) grin

A weekly date was about putting back IN- doing something for oneself. And if one does that fairly regularly, then managing life challenges is improved (consistent output is not sustainable).

However, (& I am just sharing) since you mentioned journalling above, the mp are similar to journalling, but there are real differences.

1 - Time. The mps should be written on awakening (some ppl think that its silly. However, I am just describing here for info. purposes)
The author stated that as soon as you wake, to just write before doing anything else (?!)

2 - Content.
The other instruction is to not think about what you are writing - just WRITE!!! About 3 ( long hand) pages on 'whatever' comes to mind. Unlike journalling, you are not really recording an event or consciously venting feelings

You see the first thing on a morning doesn't yet 'have an event packed day.' Events are the very material you get to write about, when 'stuff' happens during the day. There are exceptions of course - that is, if you went to bed with much on your mind. The challenge is made more so b/c the writer must not 'think' too much. The idea is to 'unload' whatever junk there is lurking in the mind.

It was NOT easy for me. (some others do well). B - U - T quite frankly, the first thing I think of on a morning, is coffee! laugh

This practice has received mixed reviews, since some don't know what (!) to write because nothing is coming

One morning I even wrote something like this >> this is stupid, can't think of anything, feel like Im running a race because Im just suppose d to write whatever without thinking about it. really?!! really?? etc etc etc << You get the idea. This was out of sheer frustration.

I was NOT good at it. However, the weekly dates worked for me at that time of my life. Securing a little well deserved 'me time' for the three month period was great. cool

Getting back to your post, I noted how little one has to spend as well. 20 mins!!!' It goes to show its not 'duration, duration', but consistency EVERYDAY.

Thanks again Esame - take care, p.

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