Hi all,

I glanced at

Feyth on happiness course & Rouky 'starting life over' after posting but had to get ready for bed. Starting over caught my attention of obvious reasons.

I did positive psy. course Feyth. It's a little different but equally interesting.

I think that some level of psychology should be part of our overall education! grin We understand so much more re advances in technology - probes that reveal the outskirts of the galaxy, advances in medicine & medical scanning & other equipment. The most amazing buildings, bridges & structures in Dubai, China .. all over the globe! It's all so impressive! And yet we are so behind re understanding ourselves. crazy I very much welcome these wonderful courses as a means to help us understand & learn more about why we feel, react the way we do - even when we want to feel react differently at times.

We still 'reside in reptilian mode' as you know. We know this but we are not yet able to manage it as effectively as we should. The course I took mentioned that we have a 'negativity bias.' We are wired to think this way so it's no wonder that overcoming traumatic events are so hurtful & challenging. Negativity served our ancestors. Evolution made it so. Today we are still impacted.

For the course, we had to outline goals for ourselves. This was a project.
I included short - long, 'even longer' (!!) term goals. wink

SELF DEVELOPMENT below. General 'work to' areas: Professional & personal. Mind. Education. Creative. Travel

- Health - *mind + body:
Meditation, Yoga. Also listened to Tibetan singing bowls (as recommended by a forum member) Walking, strength training & sleep concerned 'body'. Also awareness of eye health & care. (have not been consistent re strength training & eye exercises)

- *Mind (was further developed)
Brain DUMPING - writing/journalling. doodling.
Laughter!! ( looked at some youtube videos that made me laugh)
Brain training exercises (have not done)
Learn / experience new things (yup, ongoing)

- Family shocked ( this one was tricky , in comp. to other students)
Continue to be loving & supportive in spite of current challenges - to NOT let myself be neglectful esp. re child

- Social
Meet new people. Establish more authentic relationships (good so far, with most I do keep this mlc mess away from new connections)

- Community
Help others re: whatever areas of strength I possess (?). This I hope to do re: expressive arts. (nothing here yet, community is long term - as I have to start with my own mess before helping others).

- Education
Take courses. Take advantage of free courses if funds are prohibiting (in others words, I have no excuse to not learn!! laugh Active/Ongoing.
Reading! Related to interests, general. (I do 15 - 30 mins /day - twice a week, more if able to!)

- Creative
Read Artist Way (liked the **weekly dates & highly recommend whether artist or not) Ongoing but INCONSISTENT frown
Practise sketching (great! regular!)I show up whether the piece/or mood is good or not!
Practise writing (ongoing)
Learn music (long term goal) For now, I listen laugh to variety!

** Re artist date: make a date with yourself. something you want to do, a place you wanted to go to .. it is 'me time', once a week.

- Travel
-Staycation (ongoing)

They are all wip. smile I manage with some & continue to move along where I can.
I enjoyed this course. I may even re-do. I took other creative courses as well.

Best to you all, Take care, p.

M: 15 yrs (in 2014)
BD: 6/03/2014
Infidelity ('known' from July 2014)
Denied PA Feb 2015
2 leave Mar 2015 (left early Summer). Some contact.
Back briefly 2017 (after family death)
Separated 2017