Thank you, Job. I was feeling a bit stranded. Thank you.

My name is Mark. I believe my wife has shown all the classic signs of a MLC. She is definitely a WAW anyway. She lied and said she was "right behind me" when I left Atlanta for Dallas for a job promotion. She is now living with her mother. Suspect a second affair (first was three years ago). Been trying to do the LRT since August but not much has happened. Made the Merlot and email mistake last night - sent her a YouTube video of Haelstrom's "Break In" as a way to remind her how hurting I am and the walls she has built around herself. It's shocking how different she is right now than the girl I married 23 years ago. Makes me mad that I did that. Of course, no response. Had been faithful on the LRT from Aug 12 of this year. I have read both of MWD's books and Sandi's rules. All of which are fantastic. Anyway, would love to hear from any of you.

Me: 49 She: 44
Married: 23 years
No Children
Separated: 4 months