Hi everyone. I feel compelled to post an update but really have nothing to say. Maybe that's when you know that you've moved on, that life is the way it's supposed to be. Maybe I'm there.

My weekend in the Bahamas was wonderful, I'm grateful for this group of friends who are willing to accept me as I am. I had a date with a man who decided on the drive home that we lived too far apart. I attended my youngest daughter's back to school night, I joined a new gym, and I my car needs a new battery. All things so extremely normal and every day that if I hadn't bled my life story on these pages the past two years it would never occur to me to write them down.

I'm not ready to made a dramatic exit, yet, but know that if I don't post often, its because things are going well. Weekend love to all my DB friends.

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"