Hi Folks! Monday check in. And I continue to have nothing to say. LOL My weekend was fine, D13 and I took care of back to school lists, I hung out with friends on Saturday night. No dates, no drama. wink

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Sorry about the friend that cut off contact with you.

So Sunny, maybe your friend has something on his mind. MLc etc. Who knows? Maybe it's not you. But you offered truce and he doesnt want to accept it. The bad is on him.
Thank you, Grl. I don't know what happened. I do know I can't control other people, that's one thing DB taught me well. And I move on.

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I'm sorry you are feeling down. When your soul connects to another, it takes time. And it does get less intense.
Thanks, Ginger, it is getting less intense. I shed a few tears this weekend when I realized I had met him exactly 7 months ago. But on our six month "anniversary" I texted him about it. This weekend I didn't. Baby steps.

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Sunny, I look at it this way. If you can't feel bone deep sad, you'll probably not appreciate top of the world happy.
This is so true, Bets. And that's a conversation MyNica and I had early on. He knew I was being open and transparent, and he knew I was aware of the risks of doing that. Yes, I got my heart broken. And it was worth it. I'll do it again when another one worth taking a chance on comes along.

Time to go see how my BabyGirl did on her first day of school!

"Don't look back, you aren't going that way"