Hi Sunny!

I was too involved in my own pity party the last 2 weeks to pop by your thread.

Sorry about the friend that cut off contact with you.

I have had friends who dropped me like hot bricks once they knew about BD. Friends that I have known for years and would consider good friends.

I just had a falling out with some friends whom I thought were particularly unkind with uncalled for comments. I just quietly decided enough was enough. And I left the group.

But I guess maybe they do care for me after all because they have tried to talk to me. I am sure that we dont quite get each others' pov but it's nice yo know that they cared enough to reach out.

Yesterday, while trying to catch pokemons in my car at a red light, I had an epiphany. Yup , strange things like that happen. I decided that I was the only person, plus kid, that I will ever need. That there will always be people who will leave me for all kinds of reasons. It will hurt but it will only hurt as much as I let it. I decided that I am a work in progress and people could either take it or leave it.

I think I am slowly detaching from my people-pleasing ways.

So Sunny, maybe your friend has something on his mind. MLc etc. Who knows? Maybe it's not you. But you offered truce and he doesnt want to accept it. The bad is on him.

You are still gorgeous and I still want to grow up to be like you!

You can call me Dory/ Grl.

As a wise fish once sang,"Just keep swimming!"

It's no use to go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.