Ah, thank you so much guys. Well, I have to say the free, light, done feeling has persisted and I'm happy enough to be D'd. There is a great deal of peace in knowing that you DB'd your socks off, invested hours, tried to absorb everything, were willing to repair things etc. Truly there is and I have no regrets.

As we've accepted an offer on our house now, I'm house hunting myself. As my landlord has now said he wants to sell this flat and would be willing to sell to me, I'm waiting to see what price he wants. The choice is do I buy this flat and stay put or buy a house and have a little outside space. The flat is central and with great views, but outside space would be lovely too - I've missed that. I've been getting out and walking around to see what else is out there. Viewed a nice place today and seeing another (house) in my complex tomorrow....watch this space.

Now then, as for NG at work. Yes, we are still chatting and yes he seems interested and yes I like him too. A colleague told me some more about his D circumstances and he was a LBS who was told - I love you...but more like a brother. His XW is now with a guy who drives a fancy car and has a pool. I also learned another astounding thing from my colleague - that NG's dad is a life peer (a baron) and that NG could use the title Hon. If he chose to - how have I known him so many years and didn't know that??!

So, I move forward and I very much feel like leaving XH behind now. There is no place for him as he is now, in my life - that's for sure. Any ways...he's boring...let's get back to houses....will keep you posted xx

T 13 M 7
Me 48 H 46
SS 15
BD 7.14 PA
D final 5.16 (H filed)

We receive & we lose, and must try to achieve gratitude & embrace with whole hearts whatever of life that remains after the losses - Dubus