Thanks Job, RD and Bttrfly - I appreciate the moral support smile X

Clearing out the marital home has been weighing on me and I started to dither. I don't want to have to do it but I need to. So, today I came up with a plan - contacted friends who said they are willing to help, confirmed a date and booked a van - all for two weeks time. I think I'll just be relieved to have that out of the way and know I'm outta there - even if there is still legal stuff ongoing - I don't physically need to go back.

So, I have two friends driving up with me from here and two friends local to there who will also come and help. With five of us I hope to be in and out in a few hours as much of my stuff is already down here. It's really only big items and a few other bits and pieces. I feel a little better about it all knowing I have a plan.

Lots of interaction via email with H - all pleasant and much as 'colleague' liaison would work. That's fine and I'm much less conscious of thinking what I write now - so much less concerned about possible R - that I just get the job done pleasantly and that's it. If I met H for the first time as he is now, he wouldn't be of interest to me.

Feeling stress levels a bit higher, but I'm basically fine. I just need to get through this next phase and sever the ties with our old house. Heard today that H has offered on a house in the city. It's testament to how far I've come that I barely wondered...where and with whom??

Take care all xx

T 13 M 7
Me 48 H 46
SS 15
BD 7.14 PA
D final 5.16 (H filed)

We receive & we lose, and must try to achieve gratitude & embrace with whole hearts whatever of life that remains after the losses - Dubus