I've been working out. Got on an antidepressant to control my spiraling thoughts, which seems to be working for the most part. She hated LA, which I really wasn't sold on it either -- better to visit. So, I've been in the process of getting a really good job in Austin, which is a city she loves, and have been trying to GAL. She's a big instagrammer, so I've been trying to stay off it to save my mental state, but don't know how she can see my improvements without seeing me? Her family has reached out several times and seemed baffled with what she's doing. I've always know she was really fond of NOLA, but didn't seem to be taking care of herself or looking very good when I went down there. I took very good care of her financially and seems to, now, resent all the material things I bought her, which in hindsight was a mistake. We should of travelled more and spent less on petty things, but I've acknowledged that and intend to change. Maybe too little to late... just really [censored]!