ISSUE - I am new to the forum and I am on moderation.
How do I get off?


I was put back on moderation for not following the board Rules.
Now What?

The Board Administrator makes the final decision on all posters for whether they are on moderation or not.
AKA - Virginia.

As a new poster we would like to see evidence that you are following the rules and who you are.
That you are Posting DB type advice, within the board rules.

My suggestion is to start a Personal thread and POST about yourself.
This gives other posters some background on who you are and what your story is.
It also helps to give complete transparency about yourself.
That you are not a sock puppet with multiple user names
Also posters are able to post to you and ask you questions if needed.
After this is demonstrated I normally recommend to the administrator that you be taken off of moderation.
Normally on weekends, holidays and night(EST.) very little goes on about these issues.
If you have done all these things and are still on moderation, I suggest you contact the Administrator about your case.

I hope that helps.

Me-68, D35,S34