Quick update from me. Been a busy week at work and a few social things. Was out last night with my divorce group chums and had a good time. Meal out on Thurs with ladies social group. The next divorce group starts up soon and I'm involved on the fringes of that too.

All quiet on the legal front just now. The signed financial agreement is with his L now presumably needing him to call in and sign. He and I had a couple of small interactions this week about me using our joint account due to lost bank card. I noticed he was back to curt two word responses or no response. That used to hurt a lot and now I'm better at thinking 'that's interesting' and going about my day.

No results from the STD screening yet.....hoping no news is good news and if I don't hear soon, I'll get in touch with them. Got my new car this week and thrilled with it - glad I decided to get just what I wanted.

Quite a social week again this week and I'm going away on a yoga and walking weekend next weekend - looking forward to that. Been in touch with SS to see if he wants to visit for a day - not sure if he'll make it down due to exam revision and my limited availability, but we'll see.

Life trundles along....and not in a bad way.....take care all xx

T 13 M 7
Me 48 H 46
SS 15
BD 7.14 PA
D final 5.16 (H filed)

We receive & we lose, and must try to achieve gratitude & embrace with whole hearts whatever of life that remains after the losses - Dubus