Just an update:
I am doing well staying posative. Work is a freaking sh!tshow right now its so busy so that definitly helps keep my mind off things. I have done 4 swimming classes with s1.5 its nice to do something like this wth him beats staying in and chilling in the house. If recomend it to anyone whos looking for something to do with their little one. Its a swim class where parent and child go in pool together because the little one is too small to swim on their own. Its good bonding time for parent child IMO. Wife also came over to talk about her pregnency and "taking care of it". I just basically said that must have been a very difficult time and asked if she thought it might be a good idea to see s IC she said yes. We did talk a bit about our R but it was same old re-hashing of old convos and getting nowhere at all. Dont know why i even bothered engauging in convo about us. Maybe I should have just said in not inferested in talking about those things right now. Anyways thats my update for now hope all is well with everyone who follows my thread. Ill post again soon.

M30 - W29 - S1.5
EA/PA Confirmed - Oct 30, 2015
Confronted W about the A - Nov 1, 2015
W asked for seperation - Nov 22, 2015
W moves out of house - Jan 3rd, 2016