Just to bump up this thread and let you know that the best way to get a hold of me is to notify on any post.

I am normally in my office on Monday - Friday during business hours eastern standard time or New York time zone.

Other than that I moderate on my phone which is much more difficult,
so sometimes I don't see everything or may not even pay attention(on weekends and at night).

Please also try to self moderate threads at 100 posts.
Although Job is very good at reminding everyone to start new threads it is a big help if you can do this on your own.
And I would prefer that notifies are used for important things cause they all generate e-mails that tend to get very confusing if there are many of them.

Thanks everyone for your cooperation.

Happy New Year to ALL!
May you all find 2016 to be Joyful and have Peace!

Me-68, D35,S34