Well I thought I should update.
In less than two weeks time I will be getting married to a wonderful and beautiful woman I met over 20 months ago. I credit what I learnt from DivorceBusting with my new found wisdom :-)
I have become a person who listens the proper way to my fiance. Who puts her first and foremost. Who can speak softly and without venom if I have felt wronged.
I am going into this marriage without renewed energy, desire and love for this woman. Who has found a best friend.
On the 17th December we fly out on our honeymoon. We will be leaving for Los Angeles having a few days there, before getting on a cruise from LA to Florida.
I am such a happy person for so many reasons, but the biggest reason is who I have become. Without DB I would not be this person: someone who lives for the next day, is happy so much more and someone who enjoys all of life.
I feel very privileged and thankful that both my boys came to our engagement and are quite happy to come to our wedding. That has meant a lot to me.
Will update regularly.

ME:51 W:46
S:22, S:20
Divorced 16/9/15
BD 10/12
W left 12/12 with OW, affair confirmed Nov/12.
Dark since 6/13
I"m in a new relationship since Feb 14.