Hello, it pains me to be here in this forum. I read this:
"Another necessary ingredient for rebuilding a marriage involves the willingness of unfaithful spouses to demonstrate sincere regret and remorse. You can't apologize often enough. You need to tell your spouse that you will never commit adultery again. Although, since you are working diligently to repair your relationship, you might think your intentions to be monogamous are obvious, they aren't. Tell your spouse of your plans to take your commitment to your marriage to heart. This will be particularly important during the early stages of recovery when mistrust is rampant."

My wife who had an affair in march and found out not to long ago, is not willing to apologize and ask for forgiveness. She's not willing to help me the one who she betrayed sadly. She said it 1 or 2 times in the first few days, and mostly by text. It's sad. I love my wife dearly! I love my wife too much, but she's not about sharing feelings with me, kisses or even as little as saying "I love you". I will post my situation soon.