Hi Thriver, Jim helped me with a little technique which has served me well. Not something to over-use, but helpful if you're not getting a response. The technique is to say that you will do X unless you hear from her by Y. So...

Dear W, I'll be arranging X this week, unless I hear from you otherwise by Tuesday.

We had a couple things that needed both H and I on the phone and H did help with that...but the above response can be useful if you can make the change alone and just don't want 'no response' to hold you up.

Hope this helps xx

T 13 M 7
Me 48 H 46
SS 15
BD 7.14 PA
D final 5.16 (H filed)

We receive & we lose, and must try to achieve gratitude & embrace with whole hearts whatever of life that remains after the losses - Dubus