That's basically what we've been doing, except that he pays less than half the mortgage to compensate himself for not living in the house.

I'm running in the red because of that, so I'm inclined to either convince him to start paying more or else the kids and i find something smaller that i can afford.

It is hard for me to stop looking at how much he's able to save and how much more he spends, thinking he can afford to pay me more...
...and I see he thinks if we can figure out exactly what the kid's expenses are then he'll pay that, but no more.

Our advisor's job is to help us get to a fair agreement, so we've got a lot more negotiating to do.

Big strides. I got agreement from him one one of our other sticking points.

I met with a realtor, learned we need to put in carpet and paint, repair the hardwood, and $1k landscaping to get top price, that's probably $15k.

I got vendor recommendations for those jobs.

More homework, i need to price out of pocket estimated costs of my new health ins plan.

This is so much work.

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