Venting. I feel a little upset.

h left msgs 4 me last night (turns out that it did not concern the two of us for a change). I think he realizes that I have been pleasant but 'lukewarm,' got the msg and eased off a bit. This was good b/c I did/do not want to hurt him but needed the time & space.

anyway he wants to take child, C "to meet granny". I don't know what to think!

When we first got married, h tried to keep things calm re his family. A few years after we had the baby, he made a decision. He did not want our child to be alone with his mother. He didn't "trust" mother with C - his words. Not long after that he cut off ties with her.

My mother in law is extremely dishonest ... has no moral compass. The woman weaves the truth as it suits her. She has a subtle craziness about her - I say subtle b/c she cries easily. She portrays the victim role very well & has fooled a lot of people. She is manipulative and likes her way. Is the controller as I mentioned in earlier posts.

C has heard h arguing with her (very badly,very passionately, throughout the years. He had asked me a few years ago why his father "hated granny" so much.

Re C: I feel that after the major move, now a separation (about 2 yrs after move) - & now this (?!), would simply confuse him. He has grown up most of his life without "granny", and does NOT like her (!) b/c of what HIS father (not me!!) has said throughout the years. h was NOT discreet re his feelings when defending himself with his other family members or family friends.

I do know that h is unable to keep up his rent & other expenses. He has to move in 2 months. I also know that he spoke with his mother since he moved out, although briefly from what 'came back to me.'

My mother in law is proud & always wanted a 'picture perfect' family regardless of the many issues & had asked h many times in the past to bring c (picture taking etc). This may be a moving issue & having the child be part of the sitch(?) Really don't know! I was so surprised ... I simply responded to him - this is not the time.

Was I wrong? confused They are so o o o o o ill! sick I don't want c around their mess.

M: 15 yrs (in 2014)
BD: 6/03/2014
Infidelity ('known' from July 2014)
Denied PA Feb 2015
2 leave Mar 2015 (left early Summer). Some contact.
Back briefly 2017 (after family death)
Separated 2017