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Return w/a new user name and use a different email address in your personal profile.
In other words, sign on as a new user and not just a poster wanting to change your ID.

I am re-posting this for emphasis.

Although Job says to change your name, if your spouse has found you on this board I would suggest becoming someone else with a brand new user name, like I said elsewhere, I have more than one username on many different boards, and although on other boards it is not legal(called a sockpuppet) - I have never seen it as a problem here.
There are many users here that have more than one user name.
Myself included.
I honestly believe that if your computer is not being key logged then you will have some safety in doing this.

Although I am not advocating sockpuppets to circumvent bannings, which have been done here on numerous occasions, for some reason there has never been the problem with it as has happened on other boards.
Although I will say that those who are using sockpuppet identities may not get off of moderation unless they come fully clean and admit there wrong doings and promise not to violates the TOS again.

I hope that makes things clearer and not cloudier.
And I guess that although I am posting this as a moderator it is also my personal opinion and not "official" from the admin.

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