That is correct that there is no special "board members only" section. Posters only have two choices: 1) leave the postings on the public forum or 2) move the threads over to where only the MODs see them.

For those posters who have already posted quite a bit of their life's history here, it's a bit late to request your threads be moved to a secure place because if your spouses have been lurking, they've already seen the postings.

What I would suggest is that if you think you've been posting entirely too much data that technically could be used to your spouse's advantage, then step away from the forum for a bit and return w/a new user name and use a different email address in your personal profile. In other words, sign on as a new user and not just a poster wanting to change your ID.

If you opt to only change your ID to a new one, the new one will automatically change in your older postings. I have seen this happen quite frequently when I've changed my ID over the years. So, it's best to start completely fresh and keep your postings as generic to your situation as possible.

For those who change their ID's because of the possibility of spouses lurking, do not link your old threads to the new ones that you are creating under the new ID and email address.

If people figure out who you are and ask why you changed your ID, just tell them you felt it was necessary.

Just my two cents.

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