You can communicate with me or the other moderators or admins by using the NOTIFY button at the bottom of each post.
(located in the same line as the Reply and Quote buttons)

Please use this button to send me a private message that you do not want on the forum.
This button sends me an e-mail.
Once a post is NOTIFY then no one else can NOTIFY on that post.
I can not respond to your message other than posting on the forum.

I can NOT delete all your posts as that is not possible.
I can move your threads to a safe location, however I think you should respect that this is NOT a trivial action and takes a lot of work on my part.

Just for reference I moderate mostly while I am running my business, which is 8-5 EST M-F and a few hours on Saturday, other times I can get notices on my phone however I do sleep at night, and GAL on weekends.

I hope this clarifies this.


Me-68, D35,S34