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Hi Pbetra

... Susan Jeffers on this area - feel the fear and do it anyway. I know Old Dog in Newcomers has mentioned her. He hasn't posted for a few weeks, but I seem to recall he had a fear coach linked to the book too.

I have found Brene Brown to be excellent. She has a couple of Ted talks, which are a good starting point. I have also read her book, Daring Greatly, which I would highly recommend.

Good luck to you! x

Hi Toots,
Thanks for sharing. I came across Brene Brown since my post on TED! You are right, she is amazing!! I am yet to hear her other talks but want to listen to them all.

Didn't know about her book so I will buy that one for sure (& Jeffers). Saw some others (so many!!) but these are great to begin with! Will definitely check on Old Dog as well.

Thanks again Toots, really appreciate smile - have a great day! P.

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