Thanks Job,

I appreciate the response & suggestions re resources & thread.

posted by Job - July 21 2015 /last thread,* below
If you are still looking for resources on fear, I am going to suggest that you do an internet search on the subject. I think you will find what you are looking.

BTW, you need to start a new thread. This one is going to lock very soon.

Have started looking for resources/fear on net. Found some interesting ones but 'sifting' through.

I was just wondering re feedback here, as I recall coming across responses from forum members re other books. What they thought "good" really "liked" that sort of thing - personal responses.

Was managing my time too.
So many times I have done process x, then happened to mention it to somemone only to hear "oh that! you should have come to me first!!!" laugh Made me me crazy !! laugh

Have a good one job, thanks again, p.

RE: previous threads (aka 'all over the map!!!')

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crazy - confused

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