This is typical of PTSD. It's drama enforced, so if xH2 had stopped shouted abuse or snarled the PTSD would reinforce.

As you 'mastered' it then PTSD weakens and there is less trigger. Gg you did well and I am pleased for you although the legacy remains.

If you can hold your ground then with cognitive behaviour it will weaken.

As I am glad you find the thread useful. It is intended as an honesty taster, Z had the idea that abuse is an added dimension to DB, and a few of the posters here openly admit to being abused or the target of it. Sometimes the abuse is raw, but the abused will often 'return' to their abusers 6 or 7 times before they acknowledge the abuse. It is the 'crisis' or spell breaker point which is crucial to helping both parties in the abuse.

Sometimes posters find it difficult to accept their roles as abusers or abused and it helps to know there are others with this issue and who still want to stand. The thread is intended to be a pointer for additional resources and a comfort.

I have observed that gas lighting is typical for those who have behavioural addictions including gambling, games, porn, spending, sex and eating disorders. It's is a sneaky theif style underhand tactic primarily in addicts designed to disguise addiction. Those with personality disorders use it to manipulate. It is extremely unpleasant as you say.

Astros,, thank you for drawing that out, it's a magnification of the 100% rule believe nothing of what they say and only 50% of that which they do. I am a great believe in recording interactions for later review, this could also be by way of journal. In my own case it stopped me doubting the reality.


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