I am doing well. I am actually starting to see someone. A few weeks ago, I made a friend who I started talking to more and more regularly. After things cooled off with sis' friend, I had stopped pursuing a girlfriend so I never asked her out on a date or anything. A few weeks later, we decided to go to a concert as "friends". We hit it off and went on a few more dates before she went out of town for a while. I thought it would cool off then, but it didn't. I can still only see her every so often for the next few weeks, which I'm fine with. I guess you could say we're dating now. Too soon? Probably. We are taking it very slowly, though, both emotionally and physically. We mainly just have a ball and laugh constantly.

Update: The divorce should be finalized soon. We'll see. Now that I've transitioned from my "I want to flirt with/meet girls" phase earlier this year, through a few independent weeks (not much time in the grand scheme), to seeing someone exclusively, I suddenly feel somewhat uncomfortable with the marriage still legally together. It's still open only due to procrastination on both of our parts, not from second thoughts or deliberation. Yet it's still there.

I know I don't have to tell you guys to be honest and let me hear what I need to hear.

In a strange coincidence, STBX and I ended up on a the same flight home yesterday after we were both out of town for work for a few days. It was so strange because our trips had nothing to do with each other and weren't even to the same cities. her plane happened to connect with mine, though. We figured it out as I was heading to the airport, so we sat in the terminal and plane together. It was fine, although sometimes awkward as she is an emotional wreck. Of course she was texting with OM while on the ground. Blows my mind that she's still clinging to that, and the same for him. Is he afraid to truly let go and "hurt" her? Is he that confused/dumb, where he can't realize that it's not going to work after 9 or 10 break-ups within a year? Is he just sadistic and likes to keep a hold of her? I really don't know and I'm not trying to investigate it. I had a text convo with STBX last night about her sitch, initiated by her. I kept my focus on her and never mentioned OM. She claims she's spent the "last two weeks" in her own thoughts, trying to figure herself out. I hope that is at least partially true because I know it's not totally true. Two weeks ago she was "dating" OM again, followed by the most recent break-up and meltdown. A week later, she is texting with OM in the airport. Best case, she had a few days on her trip when she didn't communicate with him. She did say that she needs time to figure herself out and "not try to cure the unhappiness with new men". Sounds good, but doing that for months or years is a lot different than saying it in a text convo.

Me 30, STBX 30
M 8 years
BD 6/3/14
S 7/26/14
Off-and-on. PA since BD. Possibly "off" since Winter 2015?
Light Switch/I'm Over Her 12/31/14
D finalized 1/10/16