I think that you have situational abuse. H controlling and cycling because of his work. He stepped this up recently as he sensed your becoming a woman only a fool would leave.

You got "balls" and acted independently of him. loss of control, "Peter Peter Pumkin eater, had a wife and couldn't keep her, then he put her in a pumpkin shell, just to keep her very well". You left the pukin shell, you set yourself free.

H is still trying to control your reality. You do have real friends, much better than acquaintances, plus you have 12 steps, self knowledge and integrity. Your reality is different from H description of it. The friends who back you are at this time the ones invested in you.

H is frightened his world will collapse, that isn't in your interest if you need Fin support from him! Eventually the truth will be out and H reputation will be smashed but he will keep his job. This won't be because of you, it's because liars lie and can't be consistent. It's easier to tell the truth, we remember the truth.

When you doubt yourself remember this point of realisation and clarity.

He is frightened of your power especially if he sees as I do enormous growth and potential in Msd. An Msd planting her seed in fertile soil.

Just because H says so, isn't making it so.



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