Wow V. I keep thinking about how many missteps I have made and reading through this I see why I need to stop trying to appeal to his decency. I recognize H in what you say, and it is scary to think that because I have had bad relationships before, but this one seemed so right. How could it be that he is this person described here? He has a larger circle than I do. And I know that his biggest fear is his reputation which has been threatened due to the blurred lines of our home life and his work life. Not to mention blurred lines of my pre-H days and his family.

I am afraid right now. Not sure what he is planning to do with the information I have given him by trying to appeal to his decency. Am I really in an abusive marriage? The gloves came off for him when I started seeking answers from those in his circle. It is interesting how he made it a point to tell me that I don't have any real friends here, except one. The rest are all through him, and their loyalties are with him. It was an odd thing for him to say, but I see now it is his way of trying to protect his reputation and creating paranoia in me.

40s 2teens M14Y
BD-10/12/13 rec-1/14
BD2-5/14 rec2-9/14
EA disc-10/14 4/15-BD 3 and triangulation ensues
Served with D6/15 MS forced to leave7/15
D agreement signed 8/16 final 5/17