I watched so many abuse videos that when they made me dissolve into hysterical crying about how my life was no list could tell me otherwise it was undoubtedly abuse.

Sleeping on a gun for 3 months. Have guns just laying within had s reach of my xh2. Him hitting the child as a control move. Those things all add up to be totally controlling and abusvie.

It doesn't matter that you lived it, it's about weather you sign up for another round. If your prepared to accept changing you can hanging the game to live a different Life in the future.

There's a lot of information and resources in this thread and I hope sincerely hope those of you who doubt your judgement you use some of these to grow your self into something far stronger and far better.

M 46 h54
Both married before
T 11y
Bd 2/14 I must see where ow leads!
Ms 18 hs 26