Hi Toots

sorry to hear your Mum has been having a tough time of late, sounds like work is pretty demanding on you as well right now but that can be a channel sometimes for keeping from too much introspection, or I found it that at times anyway.

Yup I'd agree on the timeline thing. As you know earlier in the year/late last year I thought along those lines but I think thats healthy as it either leads you to the conclusion that yes you still want your m/oh as much/more than ever (albeit working on not "needing" them as I had to learn through detachment) or that your destination to be the best you that you can be may not lead along those lines. Those are points I think we do all go through and also that onyl we can know and believe in for ourselves.

Anyway, busy busy one here and need to hed out to run errands at lunch so better get on. (((((Toots))))) and mog, take it easy and keep on tootling smile

M:44, W:46, S:10
M 13 years, T 15
W/S Moved to MIL: 23/7/2014
My new place: 21/11/2014
W/S back to flat 22/11/2014
W coming closer, talking 4/2015
Piecing 5/2015
Moving in again 6/2015