In my study of the bible in the last few weeks, I've been brought back to the story of how God punishes and yet still loves Israel. From the book of Amos where the image is painted of how God's rage burns against wickedness, to Jeremeiah 31 where he calls Israel his bride and promises to make a new covenant and remember their sin no more. I've been convicted then, to follow the command in Ephesians 5, to love my wife like Christ loved the church, and gave himself up for her (while she was sinful and undeserving). Truly God has worked on my heart through my sitch as I come to realize the beauty of what he has done for me, and as he calls me, although it is received with difficulty, to be conformed to act like he has. My prayer for W today is that God will soften her heart and grant her repentance. I trust in faith, that God's work on the cross was sufficient and powerful enough to accomplish what is described in James 5:19-20 - that W might be saved from her wandering. I pray too that God would give me the ability to "remember her sin no more" the same way he has forgiven our sins.

Me: 28 W: 25
Married: 4 yrs Together: 7 yrs
Dday: 9/14 (W ends affair & comes home)
S: 12/14 (W restarted affair 1/15; moved near OM 2/15)
No kids