Wow. My jaw just dropped to the floor reading that. If my W said all that I wouldn't have a clue what to say either!

You're on the right track with GALing for yourself. Sounds like he is going through a lot of internal growing pains, but he has to figure that out for himself. And I'm sure he will. Be patient and give him time. DBing can be two steps forward, one step back sometimes. Observe, but don't obsess over what he says. Trust, but verify.

When do you see him next?

I'm doing well, my W has been on my heart and mind a lot this past week. Just been praying for her, but haven't had any interaction with her in over a month. My life has been crazy busy too. My GAL has gotten out of control... Lol. Today I had canceled lunch plans with some friends to meet up with another guy. While I was at lunch a third person was trying to meet up for lunch too. God has provided many people and activities for me to keep me occupied and moving forward!

Hope you're doing well!

Me: 28 W: 25
Married: 4 yrs Together: 7 yrs
Dday: 9/14 (W ends affair & comes home)
S: 12/14 (W restarted affair 1/15; moved near OM 2/15)
No kids