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She has ranted and raved at him at work, and says she won't stop until he's alone with nothing.

Do they work together?

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I don't want to get involved in his mess. I do want to be in a R with him. But I can't help him clear this up. I guess I support emotionally? I dunno. I'll be sure to get some reading done- I think he should too.

Yes, support him emotionally where it's appropriate. He made some bad choices and now he's seeing some of the fallout from that.

I agree that reading would be good for both of you. It will probably help you dig deep into what happened and why. Answering those questions will help you avoid ever being back here again.

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She's hardly gracefully backing off!!

That definitely works in your favor. I can't imagine that your H is enjoying her going off the rails. Has to be very frustrating for you too. Deleting the messages and blocking her is a wise decision. That drama sounds toxic.

Me: 30
H: 35
M: 5 years
Signs of MLC started Feb 2014
BD - PA July 2014
Piecing/reconciling late July 2014