Everything is going well. Sorry I have not checked in much this week, it has been a very busy. My wife knows that I still post on here but I try not to get on when she is home. Not because I am hiding it but because I prefer to spend my time with her instead.

So some recapping/blogging is in order I guess.

Fri - Mom had the girls because we had our bible study group this week but wife worked too late to be able to make it. I meet her right after and we had an enjoyable late evening just grocery shopping together.

Sat - Wife had to work but got off at a decent hour. I volunteered at the church for the 4 o'clock Easter service then met up with the wife after. Wing Stop for dinner, a little shopping, Then home to watch a movie.

Sun - Easter. We went to the early service. They played a video during one of the songs the band was playing. In the video was a busy scene at the main church campus. As the music was playing the camera would pan and zoom in on people and would display text giving a brief testimony about each. Like: "This couple lost 2 different children at childbirth. Now they minister to grieving families who have lost children." or "This couple was divorced for 2 years. They have since come back together and remarried." and several others. After the song the pastor spoke for about 10 minutes. Afterwards, they played another video focusing on the couple that had been divorced. They gave a 15 minute testimony of how she had multiple affairs and what God had done for her after she was divorced. It was so moving. The wife cried during it.

When the service had ended 2 of the pastors came over to my wife and greeted her so warmly and made her feel so welcome back at the church. They commented on the parallels between the video and our story and asked her if sometime in the next 6-12 months if she/we would give our testimony for the church. Wow, so powerful.

Mon - We both worked. The wife chose to stay home from her pool league that night so we could spend time together as a family. We had our first disagreement/fight since we've been back together. What a difference it was. Not the same old screaming match it used to be. It was over and done very quickly.

Tue - We both worked then ate dinner with my grandmother. Later we went for a walk as a family with the dogs. Everyone enjoyed themselves, even the dogs! Been a long time since I went for a walk with my wife holding hands. We hold hands a lot these days.

Wed - The wife has decided to take Wednesdays off from now on. To help out around the house and to spend some time with me. She spent the first half with the kids. Took them to school, volunteered in the school library for the book fair, and ate lunch with them both. That freed me up so I could practice since Wed is one of the nights I play at church.

The second half she spent with me. We cleaned up together, made some plans about the house together, etc. Since she left I have been taking the girls with me to church and it hasnt worked out very well. But she offered to pick them up from school and bring the up to the church later after child care started so I could focus on playing. She got there early and hung out with our Wed night church friends. Everyone was so happy to see her. Afterwards she went to her Wed pool league, but only stayed long enough to play her match and came home early to be with me. And she didn't feel good on top of it.

Thur - (tonight) I had to play at the church again for our monthly Man Church event. My mom watched the girls. Wife had to work late and then she had a special league event tonight.

All in all, things at home are incredibly different.

Since my first daughter was born we barely slept in the same bed together and I would stay up to all hours of the night after she went to sleep. Now we wouldn't think of NOT going to bed together.

Before, it was had for us to carry any type of meaningful conversation together, especially on the phone. Now, we both have matching bluetooth headsets and I find ourselves having LOOOONG conversations while we are both working. Several conversations today all longer than 15-20 minutes. Amazing.

I thank God every single day for my wife and my marriage.

I'm sure I'm leaving tons out. But There you go.

I'll try and stop by some of the other threads tonight, tomorrow and Sat.

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Regard one another as more important than yourselves.
- Philippians 2:3