((((( ))))) or {{{{{{ }}}}}} = hugs!
180 = Another Technique In DB
4Cs - Cool, Calm, Collected and Confident
ACOA = Adult Child of an Alcoholic
ADDY = Address: Email, Snail Mail, Home, Office
AOBM = Alien on Break Moment
AOM = Almost Other Man
AOS = Acts of Service
AP = Affair Partner
APT = Apartment
ATTY = Attorney
AWGTCHM = Michele's book, A Woman's Guide to Changing Her Man
BB = Bulletin Board
BD = Bomb Drop
Big D = Divorce
BIL = Brother-in-law
BTO = Big time operator
BTW = By The Way
D = Divorce Or Daughter
DB = Divorce Busting (Techniques and book by Michele)
DB'ers = Divorce Busters (People At This Site)
DB'n = Divorce Busting (the technique)
Dbing = Divorce Busting (the technique)
DD = Darling Daughter
DH = Dear Husband or Deadbeat Husband
DITHL = deer in the headlights
DR = "The Divorce Remedy" (Techniques and book by Michele)
EA = Emotional affair
EOM = Emotional Other Many
F2F = Face to Face
FAQ = Frequently Answered Questions
FN forum = For Newcomers forum
FOO = Family Of Origin
FWIW = For What Its Worth
FYI = For Your Information
GAL = Get A Life (aka "Make Yourself Happy For A Change")
Going Dark = no contact.
GH = Ghost Husband (Not Really Here Any More)
GW = Ghost Wife (Not Really Here Any More)
H = Husband
HD = High Desire
HEA = Happily Ever After
HOM = Hold Onto Myself
HP = His or her place
HTH = Hope This Helped
HW = Home-Wrecker
IAE = In Any Event
IC = Individual Counselor (or counselling)
ICQ = A chat system which stands for, "I seek you".
ILY = I Love You
ILYBNILWY = I love you but not in love with you
IM = Instant Message
IMHO = In My Humble Opinion
INS Forum = I Need Support Forum
IOW = In Other Words
KLA = Michele's Keeping Love Alive audio program
KLA forum = Keeping Love Alive Discussion Group forum
KWIM = Know what I mean
LBS = Left Behind Spouse
LD = Low Desire
LDEA long distance emotional affair
LF = Lady Friend
LL = Love Languages
LMAO = Laughing My A$$ Off
LOL = Laughing Out Loud
LR = Last Resort (technique in DB)
LRT = Last Resort Technique (What to do when all else fails)Explained in detail on page 177 in Michele's "Divorce Busting" book
MBR = = Master Bed Room
MF = Man Friend
MFC = Messenger 1st Class
MIL = Mother-in-law
ML = Making Love
MLC = Midlife Crisis
MP = My Place
MR = marriage relationship
NML = No man's land
M/V = From the book, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
NPA = Not particularly attractive
NRG = Energy
OEA = Online Emotional Affair
OG = Other Guy
OM = Other man
OOM = Online Other Man
OOW = Online Other Women
OP = Other Person
OR = Our Relationship
OTT = Over the top
OW, Ow = Other Woman
PA = Physical Affair
PG = Pregnant
PMA = Positive Mental Attitude
POV = Point Of View
POW= potential OW
PWAS=potential walk away spouse
PT = Physical Touch
PTSD = Post-traumatic stress disorder
QT = Quality Time
R = Relationship
RBTL = Read Between The Lines
RIR = Room I Rent
ROFL = Rolls On Floor Laughing
S = Son
SAFE = Stay Away From Ex
SAM = silly alien monkey
SBT = Solution-oriented Brief Therapy (kind of therapy Michele does)
SIL = Sister-in-law
SIT or SITCH = Situation
SITD = Still In The Dark
SO = Significant Other
SL = Sex Life
SOB = Son of a Bitch
SSM = Sex Starved Marriage, MWD wrote a few books about it & their is a forum here for that issue.
SSW = Sisterhood of Separate Women (variations could be SDW, SSM, SDM, etc.)
STBW - Soon to be wife
STBX = Soon To Be EX
STBXOM = Soon to be ex-other man (or guy)
STBXOW = Soon to be ex-other women
STFU = Shut the %@#$ up, get duct tape & put it over your mouth
TBH = to be honest
TMI = Too much information
UCL = Unconditional Love
W = Wife
w/ = With
WAS = Walk Away Spouse
WAW = Walk Away Wife (a syndrome Michele explains in her article on this site)
WB = Write Back
WOA = Words of Affirmation
WP = Warrior Princess
WTF = What the…, Why the…, When the…, Where the…,
WTG = Way To Go
WW = Wayward Wife
2x4 = whack, wake up and listen cause a big piece of lumber just hit you in the head