Just a reminder to post carefully and to know that once something is out there on the internet, it's forever.

Please also limit your threads to 100 Posts - I will be glad to help people in linking their threads.

For those on moderation we will try for the following
The goal to approve individual posts is 24 hours. There are very few moderators, and they have other full-time jobs. So, there are times that this approval does not happen within 24 hours. We apologize, we are committed to you, sometimes the time frame is unavoidable.

Here is a useful tip on using the forum

How to quote

Simplest method to quote is to use the quote button at the bottom.

Also you can highlight what you want to quote and hit the quote button.

Next method is to copy what you want to quote and use the fifth button from the right in REPLY mode,
insert text between brackets.

Last and hardest method is to type
I have left out the trailing bracket so you can see what to type.

[quote=username]How to quote[/quote

Use the PREVIEW POST button before you hit submit so you can see what your post will look like.

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