Well, this has been an interesting week. The wife has been spending a lot more time around us all week and has been calling a lot. She just called a few minutes ago and wanted to know if we could "talk". My heart sank when she said that because I was expecting a different direction than what I got.

She started crying and said: "I just want to apologize for everything I have put you through in the last 7 months...really all the way back to the first time we broke up." She said I've changed and she likes it. She wants to be around me and feels safe around me. She says she's sorry for all the damage she has done to our family and feels like her place is back home with us and back at church where she belongs.

She's coming over tonight (second night in a row) to have dinner with us and hang out until the kids go to bed. Prayers and wish me luck.

Me 47 - W 35
M 9 - T 10
2 Daughters - 7 & 9
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Regard one another as more important than yourselves.
- Philippians 2:3