Hi CES! Things move slowly for me and you. No one could say we run thoughtlessly into new situations or that we don't care deeply about those around us. It doesn't make for exciting DB copy though.

I'm now the mom of a 17 year old, whoa. We have our first college visit Saturday. We both need to learn what realistically can be expected for him, because he's not exactly a Type A student and may not get accepted to some places. He's smart but uses that to skate, not to work harder. There's a place for that in the world. He won't be the one working 80 hour weeks and missing out on his family.

Nothing else is new here either. I had a great annual meeting and am loving my job. Made huge progress on psych testing and getting an IEP for S16. Doing lots of fun stuff. Same old same on the divorce front, not getting anything done.

Adinva 51, S20, S18
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6/15/11-12/1/12 From IDLY to H moving out
9/15/15-3/7/17 From negotiating SA to final D at age 50
5/8/17-now: New relationship with an old friend
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