Barry, I'm impressed with how far you've come in handling this. Comparing your first posts and what you are putting on now shows a strong resolve. Keep going out and GALing. It looks like you are doing wonders!

I had the debate about my ring with my friends last night. As Toots and rppfl said, that decision belongs to you regardless of what your wife might think. I'm choosing to keep mine on, because to me it stands for my decision to save this marriage, regardless of what my W thinks or wants right now. Remember, you are making the big changes in you (meds, IC, GAL, etc.). Make your life your own in everything even down to your wedding ring.

M: 8.5 T:10
Me:37 W:34 S:6

Retrouvaille and W moves back- 7/31/15
Piecing - 7/4/15 to present