So the photo with W not wearing her rings wasn't her just being forgetful. I saw her yesterday out with her friend in our nearby town and she didn't have them on. I didn't ask about it. We were civil but I wouldn't go as far to say friendly. She asked me why I was out in town (I was actually just window shopping for something to do, which I usually hate doing), but I just said I was meeting someone and didn't elaborate. Maybe it'll do her good to wonder what I'm up to.

I'm in two minds what to do about my ring really. My gut says to keep it on to show that I continue to stand for the M, but another part says take it off (and although still being realistic) hope that she will put it back on one day.
As someone else said, it may make her feel I'm ready to move on which may draw her back (or not).
I'm NOT ready to move on though which is where my confusion comes in. Still thinking about what to do there.

I'm meeting up with my other SIL in the week for a coffee (her older sister) who I also get along with really well with.
None of this meeting with or communicating with her side of the family is in an effort to influence her, I just miss them all.

All the kids have things on today now so no dinner, although I'm meeting up with my D15 this afternoon which will be nice. She has a boyfriend, so she'll be getting "the Dad talk". She's a very beautiful young lady (gets her looks from her Mum) and is very intelligent and sensible (obviously gets that bit from me)!

She'll probably tell me that she doesn't need R advice from me or her Mum right now!!

My DB book should be here tomorrow so I have that to look forward to as well.


Me 40 W 38
T 23 M 21
S21 S19 D16 S14
BD 19/12/2014
D mentioned 27/2/2015.
I filed 08/04/2015, D Absolute 04/11/2015