Keep going Barry. I'm currently sleeping on the couch trying to make the best of a really [censored] situation. I swing from desperately wanting my wife and wanting to fix this to, stuff this OM can have her and the sh1t that goes with it. I'll be able to do all the stuff I've not been able to for years. The big guilt is my daughter. But I can't just sit around and hope. I need to move. Keep being the best dad ever. If my wife's comes out of the fog and I've not already disappeared then who knows. But when I look at her now it's like I dont even know her.

As a keen cyclist myself lejog sounds amazing. You should defo do it.

Me:40 W:35
T:13 M:10
WAW: 7/14
PA Discovered: 1/15 at least 6 months
Moved out and moved on