W was never a firm wearer of her rings but took them off within a week or so of leaving. I took mine off in December as I made a decision that I needed to commit to myself, sounds odd but if we reconcile w will put my ring back on, if we dont well..

As others have said its an extremely personal decision only you can make. I felt better after taking mine off after 5 months as it tied into when I started to detatch. Only you can really decide for you though and only do it for you. If you feel better keeping it on then do so.


M:44, W:46, S:10
M 13 years, T 15
W/S Moved to MIL: 23/7/2014
My new place: 21/11/2014
W/S back to flat 22/11/2014
W coming closer, talking 4/2015
Piecing 5/2015
Moving in again 6/2015