Hey Barry

Im sorry for your pain right now. I have just found out my wife is having an affair. I tell you this because I also believed she wouldn't be (deep down I knew). As much as it hurts it was actually a relief to know. Has it made any difference? I don't know. But she can now not sneak around lying to me and getting me to change my schedule so she can carry on her affair. The secret is out and that will change her mind-set as well. It will either drive her nearer to OM or give her a dose of reality and maybe she will start to navigate the fog.
Either way my mind-set has changed now . I thought I was GALing before and detaching. I wasn't. I just thought I was.
For the moment we are both under the one roof but in 2 months ill be moving out back to our other house. Then reality will kick in for her. I wont be available to her anymore apart from being there for our daughter. As far as being best buddies which we have been even though she is with another man, that will end unless she decides she wants to work on our marriage.

I hope it isn't for you but believe me there are some similar signs there to me. The script is always the same. Its uncanny but then we're all human and humans are creatures of habit.
I eventually found out after getting access to her phone which she had become strangely precious over. The stuff I found out before that which could have been talked away just all fell into place.

Im not hopeful it will end as they are business partners so difficult for one to walk away. What I do know though is that I wont be taken for a ride anymore. Ill will leave the door open but ill be moving on as I've wasted 6 months trying to repair something that was impossible to repair whilst she is with someone else.


Me:40 W:35
T:13 M:10
WAW: 7/14
PA Discovered: 1/15 at least 6 months
Moved out and moved on