I do... And if I don't well then at least the party I have next Friday night will be full of young, attractive, mostly single physicians

And since we work in a children's hospital at least I know they like kids!

Haha totally joking - well not about the party, but about the latter.

Since you all are used to me being a blubbering baby or only talk about H you should know I am quite sarcastic and usually the one making everyone laugh and I try to make the most uncomfortable person comfortable. It's just my thing wink

I couldn't even attempt to do this without you all. My grandma told me tonight she is so amazed at how much I have let go of reacting. She told me she can't believe the night I was a mess I was able to say nothing about it to H. She told me she's learning from me everyday on ways to better her own Relationships. And she is one schooled woman!

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