Train - we posted at the same time.

So glad I can make you happy! Haha wink

So for me I feel like I am the man when it comes to sex - it can just be physical for me. He doesn't need to be meeting my needs entirely. If it were up to me we would still be having sex (as long as no A) during all of this. It makes me feel close to him without needing to pursue anything further from him if that makes sense. He on the other hand can't have sex if he's mad. He's like the woman! Lol

I have not brought up any depressing talks or R talks (I mean besides C last night)

I am going to keep it light and be busy. Saturday I am going to take the boys off again during the day and let him invite himself if he wants but I won't be offering. All I have to say is he better be home Saturday night to see me leave!

I am so thankful for all of you. I look forward to 'hearing' from you. smile

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14