30 days sounds easy now ... As I plan on eating and drinking this weekend like it's my last supper!!

He really has no guy friends that he goes out with. Ex boss, his wife and our old circle of friends were all the couples we went out with. The ladies would go out for girls nights and the guys would have guys nights. We are not apart of that circle anymore. It was both of our choices to cut those people out of our lives in August. H actually suggested it. By no means would we be rude if we ran into anyone but I haven't communicated with any of them since August. I wish he would make a BFF. I would love him to have some guy time away from just family time.

I think his 'concerns' were that he was just over me at that time. I was annoying to him. He was talking with OW during a few of those months so I'm pretty sure everything I did bothered him.

The only reason I bring up OM is because after he came back he told me maybe I should leave him for someone for 6 months so that we can be even. That he deserved to feel the way he made me feel. Yes I know, totally irrational and immature. I squashed that thought process

Thank you for putting GAL in perspective. It is for me and should benefit me first and foremost. You are right in that I am acting on fear, walking on eggshells and while I want to believe I'm behaving as if.. I'm sure it radiates from me a little bit.

Here's to hoping this weekend will bring us both some clarity and maybe closer. I will be sending a text tomorrow with no expectations (I keep telling myself that) and see. I always remember Woundedfool telling me to experiment and monitor results. so if it doesn't work I can switch it up.

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14