Just looking for advice on how to approach the issue of him not texting me at all. We don't talk at all lately... Do I reach out and try to talk or just be silent and let him do his own thing?

I think things are looking good.
Let me use an analogy I have heard that I thought was good.

Do this...(actually do this exercise while you read this..)

Take your forefinger from each hand and raise them up in front of you. Put them touching together. Ok. One of them is you and one of them is him. When they both are touching that symbolizes where the center of the relationship is. Things are good. Both giving and receiving and working together...

Now let's say he is the finger on your right hand and you are the finger on your left hand...

Keep your left finger (you) exactly where it is and move your right finger (him) about 3 inches to the right farther away from your left finger (you)(keep your left finger in center where you started which is the center of the relationship.

Now if you move your left finger (you and the center of the relationship) over to the right finger (him) and touch them together again something has happened.

To get a little space again the right finger (him) has to move away even more to get some space. Now look how far from the original center of the relationship both fingers are. How do you get back to center this way? If you keep moving toward him he keeps moving further away from center and so do you.

Now go back with both fingers together and start over.
Move the right finger away again and leave you in the middle.

Now instead of moving the left finger (you) toward the right finger (him) move it the opposite way about the same distance from center as he is. Both fingers should be about 3 inches from the center, which is the center of the relationship.

Now to move back to center what needs to happen?
Both of you need to move back toward each other.

He can't get back to center unless he moves toward you.

When he moves back to center, you move back to center.....

Get it?

Move away right now just about the same amount he is moved away and wait. Wait for him to move back to center. Then you can move back.

I think he needs some space here. I suggest you give him just the amount of space as you feel he is from center...

Where do you think his finger is right now? (and don't tell me he is giving you the middle finger.) grin

Be in tune. Observe. Wait if necessary until he moves his finger back toward you. If he only moves it 1 inch back toward center. Move yours 1 inch......

You do not have to leave the relationship. (cut your finger off) Just be silent like he is being and wait for him to talk about something. He will. We just don't know exactly when. Wait it out for now. Just slightly quiet.

Hope this helps...

Justin Credible