So H slept in our room last night, phone was left out on the nightstand.

Haven't heard from him all day which isn't unusual for the last few weeks. The C told us that we needed to talk last night or tonight. I asked him last night if he wanted to grab a drink and talk on the way home from C. He said he would rather not. He was tired and had a long day so we came home and he went right to bed.

Not really sure if I'm going to bring up talking again like the C suggested. He knows where to find me. I don't want to pursue too much or push him but at the same time next Thursday for C is quite a bit away to discuss nothing.

He goes to IC Monday. I am proud of him for that. It is quite sad that I am always thinking negatively though. I think it's a defense mechanism. I believe he's going to IC to set up another BD for our MC session Thursday.

Mind reading I know.

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14