Sorry! Literally just walking in the door after leaving at 5 this morning. I am whooped

H was there. I will write a more in depth summary tomorrow but he didn't mention D. Basically he feels since I told him months ago his debt is his debt that he has shut me out and will figure it out alone and now has been resenting me and angry for that. Even though I have told him I would help him recently he just can't wrap his head around that. He has an appt for IC Monday and we have one together Thursday.

He did say he doesn't know what he needs to be happy and he's tryig to figure that out. He admitted he's very depressed and trying to make things better the way he knows how. He asked the counselor several time what are your suggestions. What do you think I should do.

C told H ... I know you think she's the reason your unhappy but she's not. I know you can be happy with her but you have to be united not against each other.

He told H I need access to the phone now and whenever I want and no more sleeping on the couch.

He agrees with H going back to the old job under stipulations... Access to his phone, on my phone bill, I can go by whenever unannounced, no R with any of XOW family or XOW. Strictly business only. H agreed. More on all that later

I have to say I'm not jumping for joy. Not convinced but definitely way different than I thought. I REALLY expected another BD. And who knows I may get one but I didn't get one tonight.

Oh and go me I didn't cry! Lol I didn't react out of anger and C complimented me on how well I articulate things and that its great that I don't react to H negatively but said I can't sweep it. Under the rug

Thank you all for your support

M 31 H 34
S 6 S 9
BD 2/14 Piecing 8/14